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I’m here to give you the tools, know-how and confidence to get found on Google.

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Hey, I'm Rhiannon

I'm a self-professed SEO nerd and passionate small biz supporter, on a mission to help businesses like yours achieve next-level growth through the power of SEO.

The truth is, SEO doesn’t have to be complex or confusing. And I’m not in the business of hiding any secrets. Instead, I’m changing the game by demystifying SEO with honesty and simplicity.

No big retainers. No confusing reports. No tricky tech.

Just a no BS approach to SEO that’ll help you grow your business like you never imagined.

So, whaddya say... are you ready to supercharge your growth?
rhiannon carnohan
expert seo made simple

Expert SEO made simple

After almost a decade in the game, I know a thing or two about this SEO stuff.

I spent years working in global ad agencies in Australia and the UK, creating SEO strategies for big clients with big budgets. But with entrepreneurial dreams of my own, I was frustrated by the lack of practical and affordable SEO solutions out there for small businesses.

So, I left the agency world with one simple goal: to support other business owners by giving them the tools and knowledge to get found on Google.

Today, I've worked with over 100 businesses who have all experienced first-hand just how effective SEO can be for them – despite having less time and money to spend on online marketing.

How? By crafting a simple, practical SEO approach that’s tailored to small businesses just like yours.

And I’m here to show you that SEO can work for your business too. All you need to do is get started.

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