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The SEO Coach for copywriters and designers

who want to do a DAMN good job for their clients

Empowering you with the skills, tools, and confidence boost you need to drive better results with your services through the power of SEO.

Because here’s the thing…

Palming it off to someone else could be costing you

Whether it’s your own SEO strategy, or a beloved client that you’re trying to impress, putting this critical part of a website’s success in someone else’s hands comes with risks.

Now more than ever, understanding how to optimise a website and make those stunning, pretty and aesthetic designs also drive traffic is key.

Because let’s face it, ensuring your hard work is actually being seen is what really matters at the end of the day.

But I get it. Some of you just want an expert in your corner who can do it all for you… The good news is, I can be your unicorn.

Don’t have time to learn or refine your own SEO skills, but also don’t trust that the newbie you found on Instagram will do a good enough job to actually get you or your client found on Google? 

I also offer 1-1 SEO strategies for a select number of clients a month. So take a look below at how we can tackle your SEO woes together, turning them into your biggest SEO wins that get you all the pats on the back you deserve!

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Ways we can work together

seo strategy


1:1 SEO Strategy

Ready to fast-track your online visibility? Hire me to get your website working for you with a tailored SEO strategy that’ll get your business showing up in Google.

seo coaching


SEO Power Hour

Wanna do it yourself but just need some expert guidance to make sure you DIY your SEO the right way? Book a 1:1 coaching session. Get the clarity and support you need to master your SEO, for good!

whitelabel seo


White Label SEO

Want to add an edge to your creative services? Whether you’re a web designer, copywriter or marketer, partner with me to provide SEO services that add loads of value for your clients.

the seo course

Learn how to SEO Like a Pro

Join the 8-week group coaching program designed specifically for web designers and copywriters who want to start leveraging in-demand SEO skills to deliver next-level results for their clients.

Finally an SEO course that gives you all the systems, tools and templates you need alongside high-touch support and coaching from an expert who’s been there, done that a hundred times over!

Join the VIP waitlist and be the first to find out when enrolments open.

seo like a pro course
seo coach rhiannon carnohan

meet your seo coach

Hey, I’m Rhi! Self-professed Google geek and passionate small business supporter

You know that friend who shares all her best recipes with you, calls you up higher and celebrates your wins like they’re her own? Yeah, that’s kinda me in a nutshell when it comes to empowering the do-ers and creatives with the SEO know-how to level up their services so they can finally feel like they’re making a damn difference in the world.

After almost a decade in the game, and 150+ clients later, I know a thing or two about this SEO stuff, and I’m ready to share all my secrets with you.


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