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Psst! Are you looking for an easier way to stand out online *and* attract your dream customers…
without having to pour your time into social media every day?


The SEO Starter Pack

The easy all-in-one SEO system, packed with super simple tools, guides and bite-sized video lessons, designed to get your business showing up in Google - even if you’re a total SEO beginner!
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Real talk

Being visible online is so important if you want to be successful in your small business. But it’s also SO difficult to do when you’re lacking time and energy to show up every day with so much else going on!
You’re responsible for *all* aspects of your business, from finding new clients to providing a great customer experience - plus all the invoicing and admin that goes along with it.

And somehow you’re supposed to find time to post on social media every day just to keep up with the algorithms?!⁠

You’ve invested in your website - you’ve got the perfect logo, your brand is on point. You’ve even splurged on some new photos. You’ve done all of the things.

And your website remains one of the internet’s best kept secrets and you can virtually see the tumbleweeds in your inbox (and your bank account)!

You know you’re amazing at what you do, and you just need more eyes on your business.

You realise that in order to have a truly sustainable business, you need an always-on system of generating leads, so you can stop spending time chasing new business, and just focus on what you do best!

If you’re feeling any of this, it’s totally normal. And there is a simple answer and solution to your needs.

Imagine having a website that works for you 24/7

Helping you effortlessly attract your ideal customers and freeing up your valuable time to focus on what you love.

How would it feel

To build an online presence that cuts through all the noise. One that helps you:
Build your brand's credibility and authority in your niche
Work with the clients you love
Build your brand's credibility and authority in your niche
All while saving time and money on your marketing efforts.

Ready to get your business in front of your dream customers without the daily hustle?

If you’re sitting there nodding your head or leaning in closer to your screen as you read this, then it’s time to take a look at your SEO.

You see, getting your business found on Google might just be the missing “oomph” you’ve been looking for - for more sales, success, and to supercharge your growth.

There are over 90,000 Google searches happening every single second.

And leads from SEO have an average conversion rate of 14.6%. Compared to Instagram posts which typically convert only 1.08% of the time.
In other words
People who find your business through Google are more likely to convert into paying customers. 

Compared to people who come across your brand on social media. This is why SEO is one of the most effective marketing strategies for your business.

And it’s A LOT easier than you might think...

There is
a way to

Supercharge your online visibility without spending hours each week on social media.
DIY your own SEO without feeling confused and overwhelmed.
Get to page one of Google, without hiring expensive 1:1 help.

All of this is possible with…

The SEO Starter Pack™ is a step-by-step system to help you optimise your website and SEO at your own pace
Yes! I need this for my business

What other biz owners say

“I downloaded your SEO starter pack yesterday and loving it! I just wanted to say thank you and amazing work on creating a killer resource! It’s all very straight forward from what I have used so far :) Which is perfect because SEO can be such an overwhelming topic!”
Darby Lyndon
“Rhiannon takes the mystery out of SEO with this easy-to-follow guide, with transparent rationales and step-by-step instructions. I’d highly recommend for any small business owner who is looking to improve their online presence as well as gain an understanding of the weird and wonderful world of Google search results.”
Lauren Pomphrey

Here’s how it works

Step One
Complete your SEO scorecard to audit your website and understand exactly what’s working and what isn’t
There’s no need to fumble your way around your website to see where you need to make improvements.

Just make your way down the checklist and answer the yes/no questions. As you complete the questions, your personalised action plan will populate in the background, based on your answers.

Remember, this system is designed for SEO newbies! So each question comes with step-by-step instructions and free tools to help you check your website the easy way.
Step Two
Your SEO Action Plan will show you exactly what you need to do, with how-to resources, free tools and guidance for every single task
Stop wasting time reading blogs and listening to podcasts. The SEO Starter Pack™ is about taking action!

Everything you need to optimise your SEO is inside your personalised action plan. No fluff - just easy, actionable tasks that will have the highest impact on your business.

Easily keep track of all your SEO actions in one place and tick them off as you go - whether you choose to take it slow and dip in and out, or put your head down and have your whole website optimised by next week.
Step Three
Check the SEO Jargon Buster for everything you need to know before answering a scorecard question or completing an action
​Perfect for any SEO newbies, this interactive tool demystifies all those confusing terms in the SEO world.

It’s like having 24/7 access to your own SEO expert. Just click on a word for everything you need to know as you complete your SEO Action Plan.
Step Four
Say goodbye to stress and overwhelm with the built-in action tracker and calendar
Wondering how the heck you’re going to stay on top of all your SEO tasks?

Your SEO action plan has a handy Trello-style board to help you keep track of your tasks at a glance and quickly see which tasks are in progress or need to be done.

Go at your own pace, or add a due date to each task to see your SEO actions scheduled on the calendar.

However you choose to plan your tasks, you won’t have any more excuses to avoid your SEO!

Plus get instant access to these helpful tools, training & resources!

Website Set-Up 
Cheat Sheet

“I can’t DIY my SEO - I’m not techy!”

I hear you. And while I can’t wave a magic wand and get Google to fall in love with your website, I can show you exactly how to nail your website set-up and make sure you’ve ticked all the SEO boxes.

This beginner’s guide will walk you through everything you need to know about optimising your website for maximum visibility in Google - without the techy jargon.

Tech Vault

Just getting started with all this website stuff?

The Website Tech Vault is a treasure trove of how-to resources, to help you optimise your website on the most popular platforms:

Get access to simple, step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how to optimise your SEO on your website platform.

Keyword Tracking

If you’re not 100% sure how to track your SEO results, this bonus is going to clear things up!

This video tutorial will walk you through the quick 5-minute process of setting up your keyword tracking.

So you can monitor your Google rankings with weekly updates sent straight to your inbox!

I’ve packed this with everything you need to optimise your SEO and boost your online visibility, quickly and easily - no experience required!

If you were to hire an agency, rates would start at $1,000 per month.

But I know that many small businesses can’t invest that kind of money, which is why the price isn’t anywhere close to that.

The complete value of everything you’ll get in this program is over $800 but you’ll only invest…

Get immediate access to everything you need to supercharge your visibility today

SEO Scorecard
Personalised SEO Action Plan
SEO Jargon Buster
Action Tracker + Calendar
BONUS: Keyword Research Toolkit
BONUS: Website Set-Up Cheat Sheet
BONUS: Website Tech Vault
BONUS: 5-Minute Keyword Tracking
Valued over $800
Yours for just $37
I’m ready to supercharge my online presence
30 Day
Money Back

Buy it, try it, apply it.

Your purchase is backed by my 30 day money-back guarantee.

As a small business owner, it can be scary to invest in your business. I’ve been there and I get it! Even after investing in multiple digital products and courses, I always feel a bit nervous when I buy something online - especially from someone I’ve never met.

So, I want to put your mind at ease.

I want you to feel confident investing in The SEO Starter Pack™, so I’m giving you 30 days to learn and implement everything within the program, and feel at ease knowing that if you’re not 100% satisfied, I will happily buy the program back from you.

While I can’t guarantee that you’ll get to page one of Google overnight, I am super confident that you’ll have everything you need to optimise your website set-up and content, all while saving immense time and stress.

Hey! I’m Rhiannon

I’m a self-professed Google geek and passionate small business supporter, on a mission to help businesses like yours achieve next-level growth through the power of SEO.

After almost a decade in the game, I know a thing or two about this SEO stuff…

I spent years working in global ad agencies in Australia and the UK, creating SEO strategies for big clients with big budgets. But with entrepreneurial dreams of my own, I was frustrated by the lack of practical and affordable SEO solutions out there for small businesses.

So, I left the agency world with one simple goal: to support other business owners by giving them the tools and knowledge to get found on Google.

And that’s how the SEO Starter Pack™ was born.

Today, I’ve worked with over 100 small businesses who have all experienced first-hand just how effective SEO can be for them – despite having less time and money to spend on online marketing.

I speak to so many business owners who are overwhelmed by the noisy online space. They don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of SEO, but they’ve been burnt by expensive 1:1 solutions that didn’t get them results.

That’s why I’ve created this incredibly easy-to-follow system. So that any busy business owner (even an SEO newbie) can boost their online visibility without hiring help.

Ready to jump in? I can’t wait to see you inside The SEO Starter Pack™!

The SEO Starter Pack™ is for you if…

You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure out this whole SEO thing.
You want to create a website that works for you 24/7.
You’re done spending time chasing new customers and know there’s a better way.
You want to level-up your online presence in an organic way.
You want to create more time freedom in your business and are 100% willing to put in the work up front, to get there.

If you’ve made it this far, I know you’re ready to do things differently.


You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure out this whole SEO thing.
You want to create a website that works for you 24/7.
You’re done spending time chasing new customers and know there’s a better way.
You want to level-up your online presence in an organic way.
You want to create more time freedom in your business and are 100% willing to put in the work up front, to get there.

You have questions, I have answers…

This is completely up to you! You can stretch it out over 30 days, or complete it in as little as a week.
Yes! If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will buy it back from you within 30 days. In order to access the refund, we ask you to show us that you’ve accessed all the resources and were still not able to complete your SEO action plan.
You can submit your questions to and we will respond within 24 hours. You can also chat with us live via a Helpdesk within the membership portal.
There are some tools recommended in the program that will help you audit your website and find the right keywords to target, but these are all 100% free or offer a no-obligation free trial.
If you don’t have a website yet, but you’re thinking about building one, or already in the process of building one, don’t worry - you can get started anyway! This is actually a great position to be in, because the SEO Starter Pack will help you plan your SEO and optimise your website set-up and content before going live. So, when your website is ready, it will already be optimised for maximum visibility on Google!

This program has been designed specifically with you in mind. Each of the videos are short, and to the point. There’s absolutely no fluff, so you won’t be distracted or confused by things you don’t need to know.

I’ve also added the WEBSITE TECH VAULT to make it super easy to find the how-videos and resources needed (no matter the your website platform) so that you can optimise your website quickly.

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